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What is my point?

by | Nov 22, 2022 | History | 0 comments

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Goal: The assignment is to write a 7-page argumentative research paper for an English Composition Class. The professor’s instructions for the project are listed below. I had to choose a topic/element in the book Rooftops of Tehran, reading the book is not necessary but will help in understanding the book. An element from the book was chosen and I had to write a research paper arguing my point.
What is my point? /Thesis
Were the oppressive policies worth it? (In any sense, from economics to security – your choice)
My stance is: Generally, the policies were not worth it. – you can change this, depending on what kind of research there are
Some examples of policies that were worth it was WW2 and the US’s oppressive policies which helped the US win the war.
Some weren’t were President Bush and the collection of American Data
Specific Instructions:
Please go over the assignment and my outline for the research paper. You can edit the outline as you research. It is not necessary to compare all four countries. You could compare two in-depth compared to four countries generally or a combination of both. I’ll need at least 2 countries to be compared. You MUST compare the two or more countries and analyze if it was beneficial or did it hurt the country/citizen. One of the countries MUST be Iran. You can use any other country that is not on the outline too. You can also use the book Rooftops of Tehran as a source.(Easier, just look up a summary of important quotes) You can be general. An important note is that it needs to have at least 4 sources.
Use a minimum of four sources,
One hardcopy, i.e. from a book
One from a periodical (magazine, newspaper, journal – may be online),
One or more from a database service (Encyclopedia Britannica, Newspaper
Source Plus, Gale database, EBSCO databases, Academic Search Complete, CQ
Researcher, JSTOR, LRC, or Opposing View Points – you may search it by
author or title)
You can use any database that is peer-reviewed or accurate. I’ve listed some databases below you can use. Please use at least one database from the directory.
I want a 7-page argumentative research paper about countries oppressing their own citizens.
1. You must compare and contrast the differences.
2.You must analyze to see if the policies hurt or benefitted its citizen in the end.
3. At the end you must have either a stance of; yes it was worth it or no it was not worth it. – what side are you trying to prove? – your choice.
4. The point of this is to see if the citizen benefitted or got hurt. And argue your point.

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