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Begin your paper with an introductory paragraph and end with an effective conclu

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Begin your paper with an introductory paragraph and end with an effective conclusion.
Outside references are not required to complete this assignment. However, if you do decide to cite outside sources, you must do so using APA citation style.
Format papers using 12-point Times New Roman, double-spaced
Submit a copy of a program, flyer, or other document or image that identifies the speaker and date of the speech to the assignment dropbox.
Do not evaluate a regular class lecture delivered by an instructor on this or any other school campus.
Do not critique a video presentation.
Do not review a support group or panel discussion.
Do not analyze two people speaking with one another.
Do not collaborate with other students when writing your paper. This is grounds for charges of plagiarism! While you may attend a speech with a classmate, your paper should reflect your own independent work.
20 Questions
What was the speaker’s general purpose (i.e., to Inform, to Persuade, to Entertain)?
What was the speaker’s specific purpose?
What was this speech about? Write the thesis statement and identify the main points for this speech.
Describe the speaker’s introduction. Did it capture your attention and draw you into the speech? Did it enhance the speaker’s credibility?
What organizational pattern did the speaker use? Was it appropriate for the topic and speaking situation?
What types of supporting material did the speaker use?
Describe the audience (size, gender, age, etc.) How did the speaker adapt his or her remarks to this particular audience?
How did the speaker conclude the speech? Did the conclusion summarize key points, reinforce the speech’s general and specific purposes, and provide closure so you knew the speech was finished? If not, what was missing?
What types of things did the speaker say and do throughout the speech to establish rapport with the audience?
How did the speaker use language to improve the effectiveness of the speech?
Discuss the speaker’s use of the non-verbal elements of delivery (gestures, eye contact, etc.)
Did the speaker use presentation aids? In your opinion, were the presentation aids effective? Why or why not?
What was the speaker wearing? Was it appropriate for the speaking occasion? Why or why not?
Describe the setting and evaluate how it impacted the speech (size of room, types of seating, set-up, windows, etc.)
What kind(s) of feedback did the audience give to the speaker? How did the speaker respond to this feedback?
What, in your opinion, was the strongest part of the speech? Why?
What, in your opinion, was the weakest part of the speech? Why?
On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate this speaker? Explain
Would you enjoy listening to this speaker again? Why or why not?
In your opinion, were there any issues that the speaker should have addressed but did not?

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