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check pdf for this one “TLC” Paper: Ch 12 or 13 Case Studies “Thinking Like a

by | Nov 23, 2022 | Psychology | 0 comments

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check pdf for this one
“TLC” Paper: Ch 12 or 13 Case Studies “Thinking Like a Clinician”
Papers Exercise your critical thinking skills! T
hroughout each chapter, you will find inserts entitled “Thinking Like A Clinician (TLC).” For each module, you will turn in a 1 ½ – 2-page paper (double-spaced, size 12 font, 1-inch margins) in response to one of these “TLC” prompts. Make sure to make it clear from your writing which TLC prompt you are responding to! Do not simply put “TLC page 14” or “TLC Chapter 13” or something like that on your paper.
I will grade these assignments on content (thoughtfulness and accuracy in your answers) as well as clarity of writing (reflecting college-level writing required for a level 200 psychology class). Some of the prompts may have “simple” questions to answer, others are more complex. Regardless, you need to answer the prompt thoroughly, taking into account course material relevant to the case as well as your own insights.
Things to keep in mind
please put your name, class (and section), and date on all assignments – also, please use double spacing
1.2 really? what makes it so? this is a really sweeping statement!
1.3 what did they say about it? citation needed
1.4 what was the according treatment? citation needed
1.5 ah! an in-text citation, finally! 😀 it is a good idea to include page numbers in the context of the TLCs, since you will
most likely always be using Rosenberg and Kosslyn (2014)
1.6 which centuries?
1.7 is this the TLC about “why did supernatural explanations endure for so long?” it’s unclear to me what the prompt is.
1.8 References list needed
Discussion 1
watch the TED talk embedded in this week’s course material before engaging in this discussion.
Talk about how the TED talks have influenced or changed your perspective about the illness of schizophrenia and/or the people diagnosed with it. What assumptions did you have that are now changed?
What discrepancies do you see between how the text portrays psychotic disorders versus how the TED talks portrays them? What do you make of this?
discussion 2
Pick one of the following questions to start a discussion (make sure you’ve read the NOBA materials to get you started). The questions to address are:
Do you think that any of the personality disorders, or some of their specific traits, are ever good or useful to have?
If someone with a personality disorder commits a crime, what is the right way for society to respond? For example, does or should meeting diagnostic criteria for antisocial personality disorder mitigate (lower) a person?s responsibility for committing a crime?
Given what you know about personality disorders and the traits that comprise each one, would you say there is any personality disorder that is likely to be diagnosed in one gender more than the other? Why or why not?
Do you believe that personality disorders can be best understood as a constellation of maladaptive personality traits, or do you think that there is something more involved for individuals suffering from a personality disorder?

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