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Ethos, Pathos, Logos Application 14 14 unread replies. 14 14 replies. Remember,

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Ethos, Pathos, Logos Application
14 14 unread replies. 14 14 replies.
Remember, there are three modes of appealing to your audience/reader:
Ethos, Pathos, and Logos in Persuasion/Advertising/Writing

The Three Persuasive Appeals: Logos, Ethos, and Pathos
Ethos: Appeals to Authority on Subject (ex. use a dentist in a toothbrush ad because they have authority on the profession/subject)
Logos: Appeals to Logic (ex. an advertisement for a taxi company that explains the consequences and price variation between taxi fare and DUI)
Pathos: Appeals to Emotion (ex. an advertisement for insurance that shows fatal images and induces fear)
Advertisement is a great place to identify how rhetorical appeals are at work. They are always working appeal to consumers by appealing to emotions, logic and authority. Now, I want you to explain the last time (or recently) spent money. With that decision of purchase what “rhetorical appeal” influenced your decision most. Was your purchase based on logic (logos), authority (ethos) or/and emotion (pathos)? Explain in a paragraph (4-6 sentences). Your purchase decision may have more than one rhetorical appeal. [10 points]
Next, think about a time your opinion, perspective, ideology and/or behavior changed on a subject. What contributed to this shift or change? How did this shift/change happen. State what specific example contributed to this shift/change; was it a book, speech, art, performance, legislation, class, film, mentor, course? Did they use historical evidence, testimony, facts, statistics, predictions, emotional appeals, experts …? (Explain in 5-8 sentences.) [10 points]
In crafting an argument you will be expected to use all three rhetorical appeals: ethos/pathos/logos
Think about the issue you most want to solve in your community. In order to prove it is a problem you must have to appeal to your audiences’ authority, emotions, and logic.
Fill out the following outline, which will help organize your “Defining Problem Assignment” :
Identify the community or group: (this may be city/school/family/culture etc.)
Identify the problem or issue in your community:
PROVE this is a problem worth solving by providing rhetorical appeals:
Ethos: provide examples that establishes credibility or authority on this subject (may include your authority – your position or community investment/ statistic or credible source etc.)
Pathos: provide example that establishes emotions (may include testimony, anecdote, emotional or shocking fact/statistic etc.)
Logos: provide example that appeals to your readers logic – how and why this problem needs to be solved? – What is at stake? Why it matters?
(20 points)

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