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Please check the assessment tool attached in a word document and some reading fr

by | Nov 23, 2022 | Social Work | 0 comments

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Please check the assessment tool attached in a word document and some reading from class. I will attach a sample. Please keep in mind that this is only to guide you.
SOWK Organizational SWOT Analysis
In order to deliver competent service, social work practitioners must understand the organizational mission, goals, structure, culture, and behavior of the agencies in which they work. The purpose of this assignment is to describe and critically analyze the structure and culture of your field placement agency. Assuming the role of a “consultant” to your field agency, you will assess your agency’s strengths/assets and limitations and offer ideas for improvement. (*NOTE: If your placement is in a large organization, you can focus your assessment on your department as the unit of analysis. If you are not currently in a field placement, please speak to your instructor about alternatives, such as your current/former workplace or an agency with which you volunteer or have significant connections).
During the semester students will examine agency documents, observe agency processes, and have conversations with their field instructor and agency staff. The Agency Assessment Tool in Appendix A of this assignment description dovetails with course sessions on human service organizations and will be used during these sessions to gather information and
facilitate critical conversations.
Output: SWOT Analysis (Approx. 3-5 pages not including the title, reference pages, and Assessment Tool appendix.) Students will use information gathered in the Agency Assessment Tool to complete a 3-5 page SWOT analysis (identifying key strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) for their organization and propose a set of feasible, concrete action steps for organizational improvement.
The 3-5 page SWOT analysis should follow the outline below using the following subheadings:
a. Introduction
· Provide a brief introduction to the agency, summarizing its history, mission, staffing and services.
b. Strengths
· Describe your assessment of the organization’s key strengths. Refer to and use specific data/examples you gathered for the Agency Assessment Tool to support your critique of the agency’s core strengths.
· Strengths might include: strong leadership and planning, fundraising or staff leadership development etc.
c. Weaknesses
· Describe your assessment of the key weaknesses and areas for organizational improvement. Refer to the Agency Assessment Tool and use specific data/examples you gathered to support your critique of the agency’s core weaknesses.
· Weaknesses might include: minimal performance measurement systems, limited Board engagement, or room for moving the agency toward being an anti-racist multicultural organization.
d. Opportunities and Threats
· Identify and describe key aspects of the agency’s external environment (e.g., funding sources, public policies, inter-organizational relationships) that have already or have potential to significantly impact the agency’s everyday operations.
· What should the organization’s leadership and staff keep in mind as they think about new client needs, strategic planning and programming, fundraising goals, new technology needs etc?
e. Proposed Actions
· Propose a few core goals/action steps the agency can take that build on the agency’s strengths/opportunities and address challenges/threats faced by the agency. These actions should include specific recommendations and concrete steps that the earlier sections of your analysis inform and support.
· Identify the barriers you perceive that may resits or hinder the organization’s ability to implement the action steps for improvement you have identified.
f. Conclusion
· Provide a brief (approximately 1 paragraph) summary of the main points of the paper to wrap up the paper.
Evaluation Criteria
The assignment will be evaluated based on the following criteria (see the more detailed rubric in Blackboard):
a. How thoroughly and critically you address questions for each section of the Agency Assessment Tool;
b. The extent to which you integrate clear examples/evidence to support your SWOT analysis and proposed action steps for organizational improvement;
c. The extent to which you effectively integrate and critically apply the theories/models/concepts from the course readings and/or other peer-reviewed sources from the literature (a minimum of 3 sources should be cited) throughout your paper; and
d. The clarity and organization of writing (use appropriate spelling, sentence structure, and grammar; meet required page limit; and appropriately use APA style.)

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