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The objective of this assignment is to investigate two possible careers you are

by | Nov 23, 2022 | Other | 0 comments

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The objective of this assignment is to investigate two possible careers you are interested in; finding out more about the occupations in terms of education required; regular tasks; salary; and if there is a “bright outlook” in terms of future job demand; and reflecting on the benefits of your investment in a baccalaureate degree. Considering the assignment objective, answer the following questions be weaving them into a logical, interesting 3 to 4 page essay.
What is the cost of a Stockton degree? Go to the Stockton Bursar website at Estimate the total cost of your undergraduate degree and explain how you arrived at that in your essay.
How much total debt do you think you will accumulate for your undergraduate degree? Is this greater than the average for the nation, New Jersey and Stockton? To see this, visit you don’t have any loan debt, that is fine.
Research your college major and career interests. Use the Department of Labor website of O*NET at to look up at least 2 careers/jobs under the “Keyword” search. Summarize the information about these jobs, especially whether they have a “bright” outlook in terms of future growth, and median salary in the U.S. and also the median salary in New Jersey. You will have to click on a state and move to the New Jersey Department of Labor website at the bottom to do this. According to O*NET, what have you learned about the salary and other prospects of possible jobs/careers that interest you?
Reflect on the costs of your education compared to the benefits of lifetime employment. If a basic financial planning rule of thumb is that your undergraduate student loan debt should not be greater that the salary earned in your first professional job 1 to 5 years after graduation, will you be within this “debt-to-income” ratio or limit? Will you have borrowed too much money for school?

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