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The paper should consist of a title page, 4-5 full pages of content, and a refer

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The paper should consist of a title page, 4-5 full pages of content, and a references page. The entire paper should be in Times New Roman, 12 pt font, and double-spaced. It should consist of at least 2 main sections the biography section and the questions section. Biographic Portion: A brief biography of the psychologist, which could include family, education, mentor, key issues in their lives, etc. It must include at least one major concept they developed or idea they are known for, strengths and weaknesses of their ideas and, in one paragraph, your personal opinion of their findings, beliefs, etc.o Interview: Once you have given a brief introduction to your psychologist I want you to take the rest of your paper and pretend you have been given the opportunity to interview this individual and ask them 3 questions. What would you ask them and why would you ask them these questions? Note: the interview portion is not meant to be for you to challenge them but rather for you to gain a better understanding. These questions are meant to build your insight not prove that your knowledge or understanding of the field is in any way better than theirs.o Please include a picture of your theorist. The picture is not counted toward your page count. (Youcan include this on your title page or at the bottom of your references)o All references should use APA citation style.o You need to provide a cover page in APA style-

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